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Tennis Apparatus

Tennis Apparatus

About ME

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with the biomedical option. I am in the latter end of my third year of studies at the University of Alberta and am scheduled to graduate in the year 2020. My research interests in the areas of sports performance and technique, and muscle biomechanics has led me to undertake a DRA under the supervision of Dr. Hossein Rouhani at the Neuromuscular Control and Biomechanics Lab.


  • Dr. Hossein Rouhani

Research Interests:

  • Sport technique and performance
  • Muscle mechanics, control and balance
  • Movement related (joint) injuries, their epidemiology and prevention
  • Integrated sensor technology


The focus of my research project is ball impact localization on a tennis racquet head. Tennis is a worldwide sport that is growing in popularity. There exists a “sweet spot” located near the center of the racquet strings. Because the sweet spot is a vibration node the effect of the ball colliding at the sweet spot is one of eliminating any vibration transfer to the arm. Additionally the location of maximum energy transfer and consequent ball rebound speed is near the sweet spot. These factors make the ability to identify and monitor ball impact location beneficial for the purpose of performance enhancement and injury risk mitigation.

Ball impact localization required the integration of wireless XSENS IMUs. Aforementioned units were fastened to the frame of the racquet to monitor vibrational data. MATLAB was then used for kinematic analysis with the collected data. An algorithm was programmed for prediction of impact location. For data and analysis results presentation the software Excel was exploited. As a final measure motion capture VICON cameras were used in cross validation of the project.


  • Deans Research Award (2018)
  • Jason Lang Scholarship (2017)
  • Undergraduate High Academic Achievement Award (2016)
  • Faculty of Engineering Academic Distinction Entrance Scholarship (2015)