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Unholtz Dickie Shaker

Unholtz Dickie Shaker

About ME

I am currently an undergraduate student in the mechanical biomedical engineering program (co-op) studying at the University of Alberta. I just finished my second year in the program and am currently working with Dr. Dennison and Dr. Vette on a research project in the Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory (BIL) and the Neuromuscular Control & Biomechanics Laboratory (NCBL).


  • Dr. Christopher Dennison
  • Dr. Abert Vette

Research Interests:

  • Injury biomechanics
  • Rehabilitation
  • Renewable energy



The title of my project is: "A wearable technology to monitor whole body vibration (WBV)". The overarching objective of this project is to develop a wearable technology that measures WBV on the worker, as opposed to the vibrating machinery. This research will give the University of Alberta the unique opportunity to understand and quantify both WBV dose and its relationship to injury prevention in the Canadian workforce.

I am currently working with a tri-axial accelerometer that will be used to measure vibration at the lumbar spine. I am currently: (1) developing solid models using SolidWorks to virtually test the system; and (2) acquiring experimental vibration data for technical validation of the measurement setup. MATLAB is used to analyze the data collected.


    • Undergraduate Academic Scholarship, 2017 
    • Dean’s list first class standing for academic year 2016/17 
    • University of Alberta Centenary award, 2016 
    • University of Alberta Leadership award, 2016 
    • University of Alberta Academic excellence award, 2016 
    • University of Alberta International student award, 2016 
    • University of Alberta Country award, 2016 
    • Tareq Ragab excellence award in A-levels, 2016