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Hosein Bahari

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About ME

I received my BSc in mechanical engineering from Sharif University of technology (Tehran, Iran) in 2012. After completion of my degree, I started my MSc degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Alberta. My research interests focus on human balance during gait and risk of falling. I conduct my experimental studies in CAREN at Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. In particular, my research focuses on finding the limits of stability using simulated computer models and comparing them with the actual human walking stability patterns.


  • Dr. Hossein Rouhani



My research project consists of two major parts: (i) develop a seven-segment biomechanical model of human body in the sagittal plane. This simulation-based model will be optimized to find the stability limits for the case of walking or standing. (ii) collecting perturbed and unperturbed gait data from stroke survivors and able-bodied individuals and using these data to find biomechanical biomarkers of gait stability. I use IMUs (inertial measurement units), motion-capture cameras and force plates in my experimental study.



  • Ranked  26th  among 124  mechanical engineering students (at Sharif university of technology) – August 2016
  • Ranked 63th among 260000 participants nationwide university entrance exam – July 2012
  • Ranked 1st in Rasht (city where I studied my diploma) in nationwide university entrance exam - July 2012
  • Ranked 119th  in nationwide university exam for foreign languages major - July 2012
  • Certificated for completing industrial robotics course – September 2014