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Hosein Bahari

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About ME

I graduated with a bachelor of mechanical engineering from Sharif university of Technology, Tehran, Iran in 2016. I am currently pursuing my Masters degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Alberta. The focus of my research is on Gait balance control and biomechanics of lower limbs. I am currently a masters student under supervision of Dr. Rouhani as well as an intern at Glenrose Rehabilitation hospital research group.


  • Dr. Hossein Rouhani

Research Interests:

  • Biomechanics of human gait and walking balance control

  • Human motion analysis using motion capture system and wearable technologies

  • Signal processing

  • Machine learning and its applications in biomechanics


Currently, my research project includes (I) developing a seven-segment bipedal model of human gait in sagittal plane that will be subjected to a simulation-optimization process to find the thresholds of forward and backward loss of balance during gait. (II) To assist Dr. Juan Forero and Jeremy Hall in collecting experimental data from healthy subjects and amputee patients in CAREN (computer-aided rehabilitation environment) located at the GlenRose rehabilitation hospital. (III) And to finally, analyze the experimental data to validate my simulation results and to introduce a quantitative measure of stability for walking balance assessment.

Majority of my work includes data analysis, signal processing and optimization. Devices that I work with in my experiments are: motion capture system, IMU (inertial measurement unit) and force plate. I have had the opportunity of conducting my experiments in collaboration with Dr. Juan Forero and Jeremy Hall using CAREN which is an amalgamation of virtual reality and mechanical systems.

Technical skills:

  • Software: Matlab, Arduino, Nexus, Microsoft Office suite, Autodesk Motion-builder, Maya, SolidWorks, CATIA

  • Hardware: Arduino, Industrial Robotics, Motion Capture System, Smart-Wheel

  • Sensors and DSP: Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), Force plates, Optimization, Filtering, Spectral Analysis

  • Programming Languages: C, Python


  • Two-year Fellowship Award at University of Alberta, 2016

  • Ranked 61st among 260k+ participants nation-wide university entrance exam to the university – July 2012