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Jordan Arthur

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Force Plate Walkway

Force Plate Walkway

About ME

My name is Jordan Arthur.  I am currently an Undergraduate Co-op Student working in NCB Lab for the Summer of 2017. I am entering my third year of Mechanical Engineering (Biomedical option) at the University of Alberta.  I enjoy mountain biking in the river valley and working on bicycles. I also enjoy travelling and my picture above is from Table Mountain in South Africa.


  • Dr. Hossein Rouhani



Force Plate Walkway

I constructed a raised walkway to allow for a force plate to be placed and remain level with the walking surface. This was a major part of turning our lab into a Gait Research laboratory.  The construction of this platform coincided with the installation of our VICON Motion Capture System.

Force-plate Calibration

Our lab has a a number of AMTI force plates. I have contibutioned to characterization of output and calibation of these force-paltes.

Neck Strength Evaluation

The goal of this study is to develop an instrumented testing device for neck strength evaluation and develop new training programs with the potential to lessen the incidence of concussion.  Brain injuries are becoming an increasingly prominent issue in sports. This research is aiming to find a way to evaluate neck strength to ensure it is at an acceptable level to help prevent brain injuries.

For these projects I used MTw Awinda Xsens Sensors to quantify human motion. These sensors are inertial measurement units (IMUs). They record parameters such as acceleration, rotational velocity, and magnetic flux which can be combined to find the orientation of the unit. 


    • Faculty of Engineering Academic
    • Excellence Scholarship
    • Jason Lang Scholarship
    • University of Alberta Undergraduate Scholarship
    • NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award
    Neck Strength Evaluation

    Neck Strength Evaluation