University of Alberta

Karla Martínez





About ME

I am a Master student at the University of Alberta in the Mechanical Engineering department. My research is based on “Risk assessment for work-related musculoskeletal injury using wearable sensors” in the NCB lab under the supervision of Dr. Rouhani.
I graduated with a B.Sc in Mechatronics engineering from Tecnologico de Monterrey at Jalisco, Mexico. During my undergraduate studies, I participated in many projects like a low-cost prosthesis for humanitarian applications, a Stewart platform, and a scaled autonomous car using image processing.


  • Dr. Hossein Rouhani

Research Interests:

  • Wearable Technologies for Human Activity Monitoring

  • Biomedical instrumentation for injury prevention and rehabilitation


My main project focuses on validating wearable technology that can assess muscle activity during work as well as the ergonomic risk for musculoskeletal disorders. The main objective of these technologies is to investigate strategies to reduce muscle fatigue, and therefore, minimize the risk of any work-related injuries. The wearable sensors include inertial sensors which will be validated with capture motion technology and EMG sensors to detect muscle activity.

The second project is to create a low-cost foot insole to detect the pressure distribution of the foot during a person’s daily activities. With this technology, we pretend to detect any irregular activity to prevent possible risks caused by a foot-related disease.  The insole is controlled with an Arduino feather and has an external IMU to obtain the velocity and position of the user. The sensors used on the insole are FSR, which were distributed on the key pressure points of the insole.


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