University of Alberta

Peter Jun

Animal spine motion segment biomechanical testing

Animal spine motion segment biomechanical testing


About ME

I am a PhD candidate in Rehabilitation Science at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. My co-supervisors are Dr. Greg Kawchuk and Dr. Albert Vette. I have a MSc in Kinesiology (specialization in Biomechanics) from the Western University in London, ON. I have a BSc Honours in Molecular Biology and Genetics from the University of Guelph in Guelph, ON. I am also a husband and a father.


  • Dr. Greg Kawchuk
  • Dr. Albert Vette

Research Interests:

  • Biomechanics
  • Spine


I mainly do my research work at the Rehabilitation Robotics Lab in ECHA. I am currently working on a project in spine biomechanics in relation to spinal manipulative therapy for low back pain. The past projects during my PhD were: 1) low back stiffness measurement in upright open MRI; 2) systematic review on motion capture system; 3) parallel robot programming; and 4) biomechanical analysis of spine motion segment using animal model.

During my MSc in Western U, I was also involved in various projects: 1) back and neck posture analysis in forklift drivers using virtual reality system; 2) EMG analysis of muscle activation in tracker runners; and 3) lower leg reaction time study undergoing sudden perturbation. I also participated in a project developing stochastic resonance system at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital.

For my PhD work, a parallel robot (R-2000, Mikrolar, Hampton, NH) and a load cell (AMTI MC3A-1000, Watertown, MA) are used for biomechanical testing of the spine motion segments. The parallel robot is comprised of a rigid platform suspended by 6 rigid struts of fixed length. Each strut is attached to an electromechanical motor that travels about a circular track. Changes in the position and orientation of the robot platform are achieved by computer-controlled movement of each motor around the track. The linear and angular resolution of the robot is approximately 1µm and 0.001° respectively.


  • GSA Academic Travel Award (2018)
  • Graduate Student Scholarship from Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation (2017)
  • Best oral presentation award at the FRM Research Day (2017)
  • GSA Academic Travel Award (2017)
  • A member of The Golden Key International Honour Society


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  • Jun Y. Evaluating the Similarity in Postures Between Forklift Operators in Virtual Reality and the Workplace. Electron Thesis Diss Repos. 2014.
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